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About Doren

Meet Ken Scheel,

the visionary inventor behind Doren Toy Co.! 

From a young age, Ken displayed an insatiable curiosity and knack for innovation. His childhood was marked by ingenious creations like a go-cart fashioned from a lawn mower and kitchen chair and even an automatic back scratcher!

Ken's inventive spirit only grew stronger with time. He went on to create the iconic Flingsock, providing the revolutionary game of catch for all skill levels. He also introduced the world to KEVA Planks, fostering creativity through simple precision cut identical building blocks. Not to mention FOROS, a 3-dimensional stacking game that is quick to learn, easy to play, and beautiful. 

The name "Doren" pays homage to Ken's journey, derived from a combination of his own name and that of his wife, Dorothy. Together, they continue to inspire imaginative play and exploration through Doren Toy Company’s innovative creations. Join us in celebrating Ken Scheel's endless pursuit of making life more playful for all ages.