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Before you throw, you should know:

EFFORTLESS THROWS                               INCREDIBLE CATCHES

1. Play in an open area

   FlingSocks are attracted to trees, gutters, power     lines, and roofs. Your mission is to ensure the         FlingSock always returns to ground level.

2. Throw it underhand

    While you can certainly experiment with                    various tossing types, its easiest to start out          with an underhand toss.

3. Don't forget to let go

    While it's a lot of fun to be a propeller, you will        have better accuracy if you release the                      FlingSock after one or two spins.

4. Be wary of innocent bystanders

    We want everyone to enjoy FlingSock, not be            unexpectedly whacked by it! Make sure you're        aware of those around you as you play.




FlingSock for Schools

This approachable activity is perfect for Physical Education classes or playground fun. All students, regardless of skill level, can easily understand and play with FlingSock. Ranging from a warm up to Capture the Flag, FlingSock can be a substitute for frisbees or balls. This fun-for-all toy is sure to be a hit in elementary and high schools alike. Additionally, there are several FlingSock games to play that can easily be implemented in a school setting. See below for some of our favorite FlingSock games! As always, feel free to create your own, too.

FlingSock Games

Catch (2+ Players)

    One of the most ancient pastimes known to mankind. This is the most basic way to play FlingSock, but also one of the most popular. There's no score, no rules, and no losers. Just simply toss the FlingSock back and forth between partners or a group of people.

Single Swing Fling (2+ Players)

    This is very similar to catch, with the added objective of both catching and throwing the FlingSock in a single smooth motion. While you may use 1 or 2 spins to gain control, you must then release it immediately. You'll impress yourself with the lightning speed of your pass. 

FlingSock Golf (1+ Players)

    This game requires a FlingSock for each player. Players agree upon a target such as a trash can,              rock, bench, etc. Keep track of the number of throws used to hit the target. The player with the least throws wins.

FlingSock Knockout (5+ Players)

    Start by establishing general boundaries everyone must stay in. Choose 2-3 people to start out as the taggers. The objective for the taggers is to tag as many people as they can by hitting them with a thrown FlingSock. Once hit, that person joins the taggers. Taggers can never run while holding the FlingSock, but can pass the FlingSock to other taggers. The last person tagged wins. This game usually works best with 2 FlingSocks. NOTE: Even though the FlingSock is soft, it could hurt if thrown hard. Remember the point is to have fun, not inflict pain.

"500" (3+ Players)

One person is chosen as the first flinger. The others gather a comfortable throwing distance away. The flinger throws the FlingSock into the group. Whoever catches it gets 50 points for a catch by the bean bag or 100 points for a catch by the tail. If two people catch the Sock at the same time, the grip furhters from the bean bag gets credit for the catch. If someone touches the FlingSock and fails to catch it, they lose 50 points unless someone else ends up catching it before it hits the ground. The first person to 500 gets to be the next flinger. The game can be played with multiple Socks.

Ultimate FlingSock (6+ Players)

    Just like Ultimate Frisbee, there are two teams. The objective is to move the FlingSock down the field to score in the opposing team's goal. Anytime a pass is dropped, out of bounds, or intercepted, the FlingSock is handed to the other team. Unlike Ultimate Frisbee, you cannot defend the thrower. This is meant to protect the defender from the likely occurrence of a painful encounter with the FlingSock.

Landmine (2+ Players)

Don’t let the FlingSock land in your territory! Divide your playing area into two equal halves 15 ft apart and assign players to two teams. A point is scored every time a FlingSock thrown from your side lands in the opposing team’s territory. This game works best with multiple FlingSocks.